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Textbooks (Simte)

Textbooks provided by national and major state textbooks authorities are made available through this page. Bharatavani, the hub of contents in Indian Languages, makes it easily available for language enthusiasts and students to access all the textbooks from pan India textbook production agencies.

Simte Zilchiilbu, (Simte Primer)  Pre- Primary and Class- I
Simte Siamzilbu Thumna, Class- III
Simte Siamzilbu Ngaana, Class- V
Simte Siamzilbu Saghina, Class-VII
Simte Siamzilbu Nihna, Class- II
Simte Siamzilbu Lina, Class- IV
Simte Siamzilbu Giatna, Class-VIII
Simte Siamzilbu Guupna, Class- VI
Simthu Leh Zailate | Simte Literature reader For Class -X
Simthu Leh Zailate | Simte Literature Reader, Class- IX
Simte Siamzilbu Sawmna | Simte Course Book - Class X
Simte Siamzilbu Kuahna | Simte Course Book for Class IX
Simte Haam Gelhdan Leh Thupuahdan | Simte Grammar and Composition: Class IX and X