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हिन्दी काबुइ (रोङ्मइ) कोश | Hindi Kabui (Rongmei) Dictionary
Ruangmei Grammar Khatnic Phuakna Hymei, Class IX and X
Ruangmei Grammar Khatnic Composition (Class VII)
Ruanglat, Manipur State Teacher Eligibility Test
Ruangmei Chingkhiuh Lulat Book II Class XII
Ruangmei Chingkhiuh Lulat Book I Class XI
Kariw (Ruangmei IPCL Primer III)
Ruangmei Grammar Khatnic Composition (Class VIII)
Ruanglat Ncham Kho Buk V (Class X)
Ruanglat Pac Kho, Buk V (Class X)
Ruanglat Grammar Khatnic Phuakna Hymei (Classes XI and XII)
Volunteer Baansin, Ruangmei Primer II
Common Folk-Songs of The Rongmei (Kabui)
Typical Folk Songs of The Rongmei (Kabui)
Tabui Zaeng Rongmei Hei Ruangmei Khou, Kalaih Khang Kage Naibam tu cho?
Sansimei Panty
Appeal  Rongmei Nac Nunc TA
Tingkauh guangcdic Mbaanv Ramc Khou
Chuksw Gahroumei of 1934 Customary Rite for Cleansing of Sin
Kabui-Rongmei Akhatna De
Kariw Buk 1 (Rungmei Primer-1)
Ruanglat (Some of the Rationales of Ruangmei Orthography) (Thanvmei-Dawmei)
Socio-Cultural and Spiritual Traditions of Northeast Bharat
Folk Songs of Kabui (Rongmei)
Kabui (Rongmei) Grammar
Ruanglat Grammar Khatnic Phuakna Hymei, Class XI-XII