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Bharatavani is a project with an objective of delivering knowledge in and about all the languages in India using multimedia (i.e., text, audio, video, images) formats through a portal (website). This portal would be all inclusive, interactive, dynamic and moderated. The idea is to make India a Open Knowledge Society, in the era of Digital India.

What is new?

The History and Generation of Sherpas
New Light Multilingual Dictionary (English-Sherpa-Bhutia-Nepali-Tibetan)
Socio-Cultural and Spiritual Traditions of Northeast Bharat
Sherpa Conversation and Basic Words
Sherpa-English and English-Sherpa Dictionary
Syabru songs-II
Syabru songs-I
Sherpa traditional dance-Soya Tengne Lhai yulne
Sherpa Traditional dance-Lhaki Gona Thela yo
Sherpa Song
Sherpa Song-Gala Asi Roro
Sherpa Dance by Dendi Sherpa and friends
Sherpa Dance
Ning Jyamula
Walung Sherpa Folk Dance
Tamang Folk Dance
Song of Jewellery
Sherpa Dewry Song
Norsang Gyalu-La
Mata Hende Trekking Ma
Khang Tena Shyuye Sherpa Dance
Fashion Show
A Juk
Peoples of Nepal
Sagarmatha Putra : Tenzing Norgey Sherpa