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Bharatavani is a project with an objective of delivering knowledge in and about all the languages in India using multimedia (i.e., text, audio, video, images) formats through a portal (website). This portal would be all inclusive, interactive, dynamic and moderated. The idea is to make India a Open Knowledge Society, in the era of Digital India.

What is new?

हिंदी-अंगामी द्विभाषी कोश | Hindi-Angami Dwibhashi Kosh
Adult Primer in Angami
Tangkhul Naga Phonetic Reader
Angami Phonetic Reader
Socio-Cultural and Spiritual Traditions of Northeast Bharat
Angami Sede Kephruda
Kozhale Kephruda Keri
Diezho Mu Kezo Mhathu (Grammar and Composition) - Tenyidie Language
Diekhu Mu Dierozu
Diesouko (Idiomatic Expressions) - (Tenyidie Language)
Noudo Dze