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Textbooks (Kui)

Textbooks provided by national and major state textbooks authorities are made available through this page. Bharatavani, the hub of contents in Indian Languages, makes it easily available for language enthusiasts and students to access all the textbooks from pan India textbook production agencies.

Ama Katha Ama Gita, Class-III
Yuktakshyar Puthi, Class-II
Kui Sabda Pustika, Class-II
Ganita Kahina, Class-I
Kui Sankhya Ganana Bahi, Class-I
Maa Ganita Bahi, Class-III
Sitara Bahi, Class-II
Ama Katha Ama Sahitya, Class-IV
Ganita Kera, Class-III
Maa Saraswati Kata, Class-III
Wadukanhi Hejikin, Class-II
Kui Ganita Kaha, Class-I
Maa Kata Maa Sahitya, Class-IV
Mai Kata Mai Bespa, Class-III
Sankhya Ganana Bahi, Class-I
Mai Kata Mai Gadi, Class-IV
Sahitya, Class-III
Kui Barnamala Bahi, Class-I
Mai Sari Muzu, Class-III