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Textbooks (Kabui)

Textbooks provided by national and major state textbooks authorities are made available through this page. Bharatavani, the hub of contents in Indian Languages, makes it easily available for language enthusiasts and students to access all the textbooks from pan India textbook production agencies.

Ruangmei Grammar Khatnic Phuakna Hymei, Class IX and X
Ruangmei Grammar Khatnic Composition (Class VII)
Ruanglat, Manipur State Teacher Eligibility Test
Ruangmei Chingkhiuh Lulat Book II Class XII
Ruangmei Chingkhiuh Lulat Book I Class XI
Kariw (Ruangmei IPCL Primer III)
Ruangmei Grammar Khatnic Composition (Class VIII)
Ruanglat Ncham Kho Buk V (Class X)
Ruanglat Pac Kho, Buk V (Class X)
Ruanglat Grammar Khatnic Phuakna Hymei (Classes XI and XII)
Ruanglat Grammar Khatnic Phuakna Hymei, Class XI-XII