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History Behind Kuki Folk Dances And Lores
Goulu (Treasure) : Volume of Poetry in English and Thadou-Kuki
Chun Pao Jilbu
Kuki Custom Book
Simkhuvanu Kiti Gollui Zalen Awgin Hop 1,2 and 3
Folk Songs of The Thadou
Handbook of Kuki Custom
Thadou-Kuki Jaila Lahkhom (A Collection of Thadou-Kuki Poetry)
Thadou-Kuki  Thusim Lahkhom
Thadou-Kuki Literature Khantou Machal
Dr. Faustus
Anglo-Kuki Gaal Limtho (A Play on the Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919)