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Textbooks (Garo)

Textbooks provided by national and major state textbooks authorities are made available through this page. Bharatavani, the hub of contents in Indian Languages, makes it easily available for language enthusiasts and students to access all the textbooks from pan India textbook production agencies.

An.Ching Aro An. Chingni Dongwilwalgipa (Bak I) | Ami Aru Amar Paribesh : Part-I, EVS, Class III
An.Ching Aro An. Chingni Dongwilwalgipa (Bak II) | Ami Aru Amar Paribesh : Part-II, EVS, Class IV
An.Ching Aro An. Chingni Dongwilwalgipa (Bak III) | Ami Aru Amar Paribesh : Part-III, EVS, Class V
Man.dimgimin Poraiani (Bak III), Social Science, Class VIII
Man.dimgimin Poraiani (Bak II), Social Science, Class VII
Man.dimgimin Poraiani (Bak I), Social Science, Class VI
Gital Chanani Bak Gittam | Maths, Class III
Gital Arithmetic Bak-Gni | Maths, Class II
Gital Arithmetic Bak-Sa | Maths, Class I