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Textbooks (Paite)

Textbooks provided by national and major state textbooks authorities are made available through this page. Bharatavani, the hub of contents in Indian Languages, makes it easily available for language enthusiasts and students to access all the textbooks from pan India textbook production agencies.

Pau Leh Lai Gelhdan (Paite Grammar Class IX and X)
Paite Readers Reader II
Siamsil Thaikawi
Tung Simlei
Siamsin Panpihtu 9 (Paite Course Book for Class IX)
Paite Readers, Reader I
Chidamna II | Physical Education, Class-II
Integrated Mathematics V
Paite Pau Sinna -Bu Gukna | Paite Reader VI
Paite Pau Sinna-Bu Sagihna | Paite Reader VII
Paite Readers Book IV
Paite Readers III (For Class III)
Pau Leh Lai Gelhdan Suina | Paite Grammar and Composition, Class XI and XII
Siamsil Tongsan
Siamsin Panpihtu 10 (Paite Course Book for Class X)
Siamsin Tehna 9 (Paite Reader For Class IX)
Sutkhawm V (Integrated Mathematics V)
Thu Hoihte Bu I | Paite Vernacular I
Thu Leh La (1990)
Thu Leh La (1988)
Lai Gelhdan Tangpi
Zoulai Gelhdan Bcu | Paite Grammar, Class-IX and X
Thu Hoihte Bu II | Paite Vernacular
Tangpi Ding A Nasep Phatuam I (Socially Useful Productive Works/Work Experience) For Class-I
Sut O Nambar O (Naupang Kum 4-te Zatding) | Mathematics O
Sutkhawm II (Integrated Mathematics II), Class-II
Sutkhawm I (Integrated Mathematics I), Class-I
Siamsin Tehna 10 (Paite Reader For Class X)
Paite Readers, Reader III
Paite Readers, Reader II
Paite Readers, Reader IV
Paite Pau Sinna-Bu Giatna | Paite Reader, Class-VIII
Paite Pau Sinna VI (Paite Reader VI)
Paite Pau Sinna V (Paite Reader V)
Paite Pau Sinna (Paite Reader IX and X)
Paite Pau Sinna IV (Paite Reader IV)
Paite Pau Sinna III (Paite Readers III) (Written and Oral Language)
Paite Pau Sinna (Paite Reader II)
Mihing Khoheidan V | Environmental Studies and Social Studies, Class V
Mihing Khoheidan III | Social Studies III, Kiim-Le-Kiang Sinna Seh Khatna | Environmental Studies-Part I. Class -III
Mihing Khoheidan | Social Studies, Class IV  Ading
Meitei Pau-Sinna
Lai Simna Bu
Kiim-Le-Kiang Sinna I